Our Associates testimonials speak for themselves....

"I have been with Additional Resources for 2 years now and although in business terms that is still a relatively short period of time, I think that it has been the best investment I have made. I have always been self-employed but the Associate program truly gives me the support and advice I need while allowing me to run my own business in my own way. It is hard work, but I am willing to put the work in as I can see the results relatively quickly. I made my first couple of placements within two weeks of starting and since then I have been building my clientele accordingly. Definitely worth the investment!"

"With Additional Resources you get 'what it says on the tin'. You are coached through the recruitment process and the team provide ongoing support, so you are not left on your own.  Recruitment is a competitive business and the results can be unpredictable - ideally you would have some of your own clients in order to get off to a good start, but dealing with clients and candidates who have a need for, and benefit from, your efforts is rewarding, and AR make it possible if you are prepared to follow their guidelines and work hard."

"I joined Additional Resources in July 2017 and it was the best decision I could have made. At first I was sceptical as it sounded too good to be true, working from home, your own hours part time or full time and getting a decent income out of it. Especially as I did not work in the recruitment industry previously. I have to say that Additional Resources did not disappoint. From the beginning I had great support from the Additional Resources team, that made on boarding as well as the introduction to all systems and ways of working very easy. 
On the first few vacancies I worked closely with the team asking for advice, they are very knowledgeable and are always available to you, even when you are more experienced later on. In due course I found suitable candidates on the boards/ systems that are available to you and had interviews shortly after. Job offers and second interviews were to follow. Since then having a lot of vacancies at different stages, I get a constant solid income from placements. 
A big thank you to the Additional Resources team, that not only mentor you but are also here to help and cover you in case of absences due to vacation or emergencies. The team have become friends to me who I can trust fully. They make you feel part of the wider Additional Resources team and always go the extra mile for you. It has been the best decision for me and my family."

"Although I only got involved with Additional Resources quite recently I am already impressed by the support and service they are providing. Training was prompt and effective and I received my first vacancy on my first day with others following quite quickly after. Using the system I was able to identify suitable candidates and send them over to clients. I arranged interviews and got job offers 2 months in. It does require focus and hard work but I was happy to do that and when backed up by good support and processes it really is a recipe for success. Only 8 weeks or so into the process and I was able to send my first starter invoice. Well worth the investment I think."

"I have now been an Associate with Additional Resources Ltd for 5 Years. I have always received fantastic ongoing daily support from the team. I made my first placement and made a return on my investment within 3 months. I now have a buoyant customer base, built up a strong prosperous working relationship with AR and ready for a lucrative year. Throughout the 5 year roller coaster ride, I have discovered that the key to success is PERSISTENCY. I ensure that my Recruitment conveyor belt is consistently laden with qualified jobs, regular client / candidate interaction, consistent level of quality relevant CV's sent out and ongoing Interviews booked / seen. My hard work pays off, hence I would 1000% recommend the professional services of Additional Resources Ltd."

"From the beginning, it was clear that Additional Resources offered a very professional, yet personal approach to their business and this, along with their excellent business support package made joining them an easy and worthwhile decision. I really enjoy running a recruitment desk from home and very much appreciate how responsive and encouraging the team are in a very non-intrusive way."

"Thanks very much for your very prompt help as ever - the support is really fantastic and much appreciated!"

"I would have no hesitation is recommending the Associate Partnership program since I joined I have had the opportunity to be my own boss, work the hours that suit me and make money."

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