Dependable, reliable - accessible




We know what it’s like to start and build your own desk. We’ll make sure you are not on your own!

​Starting out

Starting a new desk can be a daunting process with many questions that need answering quickly. We make sure you have the complete support you need.

Get connected

You will be invited to join Additional Resources as an Associate. We have an active community of recruiters with whom you can share ideas, questions or opinions, many of whom will already have experienced a similar situation to yours.

Dependable advice


Being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone with a depth of experience and hands-on knowledge provides a comforting feeling to anyone starting to grow their fee income. We have a highly experienced team from both sides of the recruitment fence.

Access to legal advice

We have access to legal advice and cover all aspects of the insurance cover you will need to work as an Additional Resources Associate.


We will help you make sure you meet all compliance requirements to keep your desk compliant.

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